I do modern figurative sculpture. In this case figurative means telling a story, representative. Form and movement in my sculptures are means to conveying an inner state but intended to give a positive feelings to a person. This is a visual metaphor that I am working on to make our environment better. In any artwork of mine I try to create an aesthetic value. The goal is to bring something pure personal as an artist, basing on great examples and persistantly improoving a quality. That's what I am doing while working on my compositions.

Alexander Eremin, professional sculptor, MFA. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Graduated in Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, 2002.

The member of a Union of Artist's of Russia since 2004.

Diplomas and grants: 2007 Diploma "For successful participation" in an All-Russian exhibition "The Young Artists of Russia", Moscow, The Central Art Exhibition Hall. 2006 Diploma "For the significant contribution to the development of a Russian art", from The Union of Artists of Russia, Saint-Petersburg department, for the sculpture "Forever and Ever". 2005 Grant and personal scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

Main personal exhibitions: 2018 The "Borey" Art Center, "Death and Salvation of 21 century", Saint-Petersburg; 2016 The "Borey" Art Center, "Calmness and Elemental Force", Saint-Petersburg; 2014 Coworking "Miracle", "The Wind", Saint-Petersburg; 2012 Coworking "Miracle", "Water a poetry of a heart", Saint-Petersburg; 2011 XIX International Film Festival "Festival of Festivals", Saint-Petersburg;

Main group exhibitions and contests: 2019 The Museum of 20th–21st Century St-Petersburg Art, International exhibition "Grotesque in art"; 2019 State Museum of an Urban Sculpture, "Eternal Values", Saint-Petersburg; 2019 The Chemyakin Center, "Stairway in Art", Saint-Petersburg; 2013 Contest of small architectural objects "ProForma", the ARTPLAY center, Moscow; 2013 Contest "A Flower's Vertical", Government's Architecture Department, Saint-Petersburg; 2012 Exhibition "A Stairway to Rainbow", Dostoevsky Museum, Saint-Petersburg; 2012 Exhibition "Artists of a Novgorod village", Central Exhibition Hall "The Manege", Saint-Petersburg; 2012-2000 The Union of Artists of Russia, seasonal exhibitions "The Spring", "The Autumn", Saint- Petersburg; 2010-1999 Art center Manege, Seasonal exhibitions "Whole of Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg; 2007 All-Russian exhibition "The Young Artists of Russia", Central Art Exhibition Hall, Moscow; 2007 All-Russian exhibition "The Orthodox Russia”, Expocentre, Moscow Centre of Exhibitions and Conferenses; 2007 Contest for memorial monument of a Russian poet N.Rubtsov, Saint-Petersburg; 2006 Exhibition "Contemporary wood sculpture", The Union of Artists of Russia Exhibition Hall, Saint- Petersburg;

Symposiums: 2015 Contemporary sculpture gallery, "The second life of tree", Saint-Petersburg; 2014 International wood sculpture symposium “Contemporary wood sculpture”, Perm State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia; 2012 Symposium on urban sculpture, granite, Government's Architecture Department, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 2011 International metal sculpture symposium, "Art season", Perm, Russia; 2010 7 International stone sculpture symposium, Bressuire, France; 2009 3 International stone sculpture symposium "The Finn Ugorian World", Syktyvkar, Russia; 2008 Wood sculpture symposium "Biennal del Chaco", Argentina; 2007 1 International painting symposium, Tehran, Iran; 2006 Wood sculpture symposium, Solvychegodsk, Russia; 2006 Wood sculpture symposium, Archangelsk, Russia; 2005 Stone sculpture symposium, Koriajma, Russia; 1999 Wood sculpture symposium, Saint- Petersburg, Russia.

Sculptures are in collections of The Museum of 20th-21th Century St-Petersburg Art, The "Borey" Art Center , private collections and public places in Russia and abroad.